「Universe for Surround」 Highresaudio よりハイレゾとサラウンドでグローバル配信中

Universe for Surround Armeria Strings Quartet et al

Universe for Surround
Armeria Strings Quartet et al

「Universe for Surround」 Highresaudio より好評配信中。

Info for Universe for Surround

This album was made entirely from the concept of surround sound.

All the songs were written with surround sound in mind, and the recording was done using every aspect of the surround technique to create a full orchestral sound with only 4 musicians.

The Ameria Strings Quartet has taken part in many international concours, often ending at the top of the rankings.

Yohichi Tsuchiya was born in Shibuya, Tokyo. He started working as a mainly piano based composer at the age of 20. In 2011 he graduated from the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music.

At the 131st AES Convention of Recording Critiques in New York, Eagles, Aerosmith and Steely Dan producer Elliot Stein was highly impressed with Tsuchiya’s work.

Equally impressed was Morten Lindberg of the prestigious 2L label, saying he had “never heard something like this before”.

Armeria Strings Quartet: (tracks 1-9)
Chisato Maehara, violin
Shiori Takeda, violin
Chihiro Tai, viola
Kazune Koshikawa, violoncello

Armeria Strings Quartet: (track 10)
Shiori Takeda, violin
Erina Sato, violin
Akiyo Ueta, flute
Shiho Hamano, oboe
Yoko Hara, clarinet
Atsuko Hirohata, bassoon
Sotetsu Mimura, horn


Universe for Surround
Armeria Strings Quartet et al


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